|Sunday, July 21, 2019
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“Cut your speed!” new videos warn 

The Directorate General of Traffic has released the second of the four informative videos that are part of the information campaign to inform citizens about the new 90km an hour speed limit which came into force on January 29th.

On this occasion, the video focuses on exposing the relationship between speed and stopping distance. In a very graphic way, the video character explains how at 90Km/h it takes 70 metres to stop the vehicle and at 100km/h the distance rises to 84 metres, equilavent to the width of a football field. Those 14 metres can make a big difference and sometimes cost a life.

The video also shows how that stopping distance increases considerably to almost 70 per cent when the ground is wet or even when it starts to rain, needing two football fields to stop the vehicle.

This video together with the other three that make up the campaign are intended to raise awareness among citizens that a lower speed implies less injury in case of accidents, with speed being behind a significant number of accidents. Therefore, “Less speed, many more lives on the road. Better, slower. “

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