|Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Canary weddings with a difference are the cheapest in Spain 

Wedding tastes are changing and current couples, of any age, are looking for another way to celebrate their marriage, anniversary, honeymoon trip or just a romantic getaway.

In this context, Promotur Turismo de Canarias, dependent of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands, is renewing the promotional material of the islands to show an offer much more in line with the wedding trends of the moment.

The update of the communication platform www.siquieroislascanarias.com will incorporate photos, videos and editorial content that will accompany the most current wedding concept, outside conventions and where the inspirational element plays an important role. The goal is to promote the destination as the perfect place to celebrate the dream wedding in a unique place, where nature is the central axis and good weather, the differentiating attribute throughout the year.

These new contents, where audiovisual pieces and images are especially relevant, attend to the motivations of the most avant-garde fiancés without forgetting the traditional ones, responding to their search for stunning natural settings where they can celebrate their link, such as weddings on the beach, under the stars, in the middle of a forest or surrounded by volcanic landscape. In addition, the protagonists of this material are identified with the new models of couples, who can be homosexual, heterosexual, multiracial, of different ages or who profess different religions.

On the other hand, this tourist makes an expense beyond the flight and accommodation, and there are many local professionals who can be benefited as those responsible for photography, floristry, wedding planners, music or entertainment.

The current couple, in many cases, flee from the most deeply rooted traditions and parents have less decision-making power when determining where and how; in addition, the price becomes an important element. In fact, according to a study by Bodas.net, in collaboration with ESADE and Google, the average cost of holding a wedding in the Canary Islands is the lowest in Spain, 12,473 euros, compared to 20,000 euros in other national regions. This more com-petitive price, the elimination of seasonality given that the good weather accompanies the whole year and the possibility of combining the wedding with the honeymoon make any of the islands an attractive alternative for couples.

The action is financed at 85% by the Regional Deve-lopment Fund FEDER.