|Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Tourists “suspected of insurance scams” 

The Civil Guard is investigating two tourists who pretended to be victims of robberies with violence in the south of Gran Canaria

In the first case, a British pensioner is said to have filed a complaint with the Civil Guard in which he claimed he was attacked violently by three people who were waiting inside his home.

According to him, he was deprived of 1,500 euros in cash, a mobile phone and his personal documents that he had in a briefcase, and as a consequence of all this, he had several contusions on his forehead.

The investigation revealed he had been drinking alcoholic beverages in a pub in a hotel complex and had left his belongings behind when he left the establishment, which were recovered by the hotel’s private security personnel.

The next case involves a 67-year-old Norwegian tourist. He claimed he was in a restaurant in a shopping centre in Puerto Rico when he was surprised by two individuals who violently attacked him and stole a watch valued at 3,500 euros.

However, CCTV footage showed this was not true and he had left the premises in a taxi when he still had his watch on.

The two tourists have been accused of simulation of crime.