|Friday, August 23, 2019
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“Slow down!” drivers urged as new 90km speed limit looms 

A new information campaign has been launched to highlight the reduction of the speed limit on conventional roads in Spain.

“Less speed, more lives on the road. Better more slowly “is the slogan used in all the videos

The Directorate General of Traffic has organised the campaign to inform citizens of the new regulation which comes into force on January 29th with a limit of 90km an hour established.

This modification was approved by the Council of Ministers on December 28th and published in the BOE on Saturday, December 29th, 2018.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among citizens that a lower speed means less injury in the event of accidents, more in one type of roads, such as conventional roads, where the speed is behind a significant number of departures from the carriageway and the most frequent accident.

The campaign consists of four videos – with the hashtag # MejorMásDespacio – which will be published throughout the month of January in the different social networks of the organisation – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

The first of these is a video in which the accident rate of conventional roads is contextualized (each year 1000 people die in this type of road) to subsequently disclose some of the consequences of excessive speed (loss of control, exit of the track, invasion of the opposite lane, frontal collision …) to finally conclude with the message that if we all went slower, the number of accidents and victims would be reduced.

Finally, the video makes a call to all drivers so that when they see that the speed limit on the roads has been reduced, do not think that it is a measure that has been adopted for interfering.

The next two videos address the relationship between speed and braking distance or speed and the loss of viewing angle, commonly known as the tunnel effect.

The fourth video reports that with this drop in speed, Spain is among the majority of European Union states that have adopted measures to reduce speed limitations in this type of road, with the majority tendency being the 90 km / h, although some countries have already opted to establish limitations of 80 km / h.