|Sunday, May 19, 2019
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More people visiting Spain for cultural enjoyment 

The cultural sector is consolidating its position as an economic driver of the tourism sector, according to the figures in the 2018 Cultural Statistics Yearbook published by the Min-istry of Culture and Sport.

It shows that 12.8% of all trips made by residents in Spain for leisure, recreation or vacations were initially centred on cultural reasons, amounting to a total of 12.5 million trips. The figure for the arrival of foreign tourists reached 12.8 million (up 18.1%), an increase of more than 37.6% on the 2016 figure (8 million tourists).

Furthermore, one in every five trips by residents in Spain (19.8%) included cultural activities, a figure which is double among foreigners (38.3%). And there was a preference for cultural visits among these cultural activities – 70% among national residents and 89.8% among foreigners.

Employment in cultural activities accounted for 687,200 jobs in 2017, a 4.7% increase, representing 3.7% of all jobs in Spain, while it accounted for 3.6% (656,300 jobs) the previous year. Employment in cultural activities is characterised by a larger share of men (60.7%) compared with 54.5% in the broader employment spec-trum and by higher academic training than the average.

There are 118,407 companies whose main economic activity is cultural, 3.6% of the total of those contained in the Central Directory of Companies drawn up by the National Statistics Institute (Spanish acronym: INE). These figures show a 2.1% increase on 2016.

In addition, the average spending per person on cultural consumption amount-ed to 289 euros in 2017, with noteworthy shares allocated to books (14.7%), shows (cinema, theatres and others) (12.6%) and mobile and Internet-related services (25%).