|Friday, May 24, 2019
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La Laguna pledges to update skate park 

La Laguna is aiming to improve the safety of the popular skate park in La Vega, as well as installing new ramps.

The bid guideline is for almost 187,000 euros and the period for submitting proposals ends on January 17th. The execution period of the works once awarded would be about four months.

The skatepark where this intervention is planned con-sists of a series of prefabricated obstacles arranged on a concrete slab.

Councillor for works and infrastructure councillor Candelaria Díaz says that “due to its state of conservation as well as its characteristics, both regular users and municipal technicians have considered that it is an insufficient facility at present.”

“For this reason, we have considered that it is necessary to provide La Laguna, and more speci-fically those located in the Parque de La Vega, with new ramps conditioned to current safety measures and requirements for the practice of this sport,” she explained.

Therefore, based on the characteristics of the facilities and their users, an im-provement has been projected based on the type of skate track of the type called Ramp. The improvement of the installation consists in the removal of the existing prefabricated structures and replacement with new ramps built in situ and the improvement of the pavement. It also includes the expansion of the area dedicated to this sport that would come to have 876.40 square metres.

There will be a series of obstacles built in concrete above ground of different heights and radii of curves to create a variety of routes. Benches and litter bins will also be replaced, together with bike stands, informative poster, and the decorative painting of the running surfaces.

The Parque de La Vega, with more than 22,000 square metres of surface, has a water garden equipped with more than 80 species of plants and water lilies of 20 different varieties. It has a complete climbing wall, basketball courts, table tennis, BMX circuit and children’s areas. It is one of the most important parks in the city, where many families usually attend, especially on weekends, to enjoy a pleasant day among trees, exotic plants and recreational areas for children and sports.