|Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Government launches three – pronged campaign against gender violence 

The Government of Spain has released three social awareness and prevention campaigns on all forms of violence against women: human trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes; sexual violence against women; and gender-based violence against women.

The Government Dele-gation for Gender-Based Violence has launched these initiatives pursuant to Article 29 of Spanish Constitutional Law 1/2004, on measures for comprehensive protection against gender-based vio-lence, and in compliance with the State Pact against Gender-based Violence. They will be released on various adver-tising media throughout December.

The campaign against human trafficking will use the slogan “No trates con la explotación sexual” (“Don’t deal with sexual exploitation”). It seeks to discourage the demand for prostitution and raise public awareness about the inhumane conditions to which thousands of women and girls are subjected in Spain. With messages that include “Para ti es dinero, para ella un sufrimiento que no tiene precio” (“For you it’s just money, for her it’s suffering that no price can fix”), the aim is for society to take action, report incidents and help free these women, and not justify a crime against human rights.

Furthermore, the cam-paign against sexual violence seeks to reject all behaviour against the sexual freedom of women. The campaign slogan is “Contra la violencia sexual #somosuna” (“Against sexual violence, #weare-one”) and it seeks to en-courage society as a whole to adopt a position against all forms of aggression and abuse. According to a study entitled “Percepción Social de la violencia sexual” (“Social Perception of Sexual Violence”) conducted by the Government Delegation for Gender-Based Violence, there is less social rejection of abuse situations when no sexual relations take place and also when the abuse occurs between a couple.

Finally, the objectives defined by the State Pact include the development of campaigns targeting young people and rejection of the abuser. With this in mind, the Government Delegation will release a social media campaign based on various messages to illustrate and reject the control mechanisms mostly used on social media. This material will be made available to education centres and associations wishing to use them as teaching resources, ways to raise awareness and encourage prevention.