|Friday, August 23, 2019
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Bonus for Adeje residents as local charges abolished 

Adeje council is to cancel a number of local charges approved in the December council meeting.

Residents will not have to pay to register on the “padrón”, for travel certificates or residency certificates among others which, until now, were only free of charge if carried out online.

According to the report presented to the council meeting on December 28th, the aim of the change is “to speed up the process involved in administration contracts. With the elimination of certain charges, we will reducing the time needed to manage money in the public offices”.

The decision was taken, says the local taxes councillor Epifanio Díaz Hernández, because “in this way we can also free up human resources, allowing those people, who at the moment have to dedicate a lot of their time dealing with the cash payments for these measures, now being able to spend more quality time dealing with the public.”

Other local charges will be modified, including the removal of vehicles illegally parked and placed in the municipal car lot. The new cost will be adjudicated in line with the cost of the services of the company who remove the cars. The manner of payment will also be refined and the person affected by a car being removed can make a direct payment by card though a bank ATM or a transfer (payment cannot be made in cash).

“The council’s aim is to, in a short space of time, eliminate all cash payments and establish a homogeneous system of payments online or through transfers, and ideally encouraging more people to deal with the council through its online system,” says councillor.

Finally, at the same council meeting, a new system of cancelling direct debit for the public was approved.