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Artist discovered when just four shows his lifetime work 

La Casa de la Cultura de San Agustín in La Orotava will host between January 11th and 27th an exhibition of abstract works by Carlos Lechado (Lechadinsky).

The 53-year-old self-taught painter was born in Los Realejos and lived in La Orotava from a very young age. He began his career as a child and had his talents recognised in San Agustin as a young artist of four, appreciating his wonderful attitude in drawing. When he turned six, he moved to live in La Orotava and continued studies at the public school Santo Tomas de Aquino, getting the second prize for drawing when just eight. From these dates he would dedicate himself to drawing comics, landscapes and large murals.

Over time, he discovered lyrical abstraction, influenced by Fauvism and expressionism, taking his style to the pure and hard abstract, paintings that since then he paints and enjoys his work.

Now his style is abstract expressionism (informalism), It is an abstract non-geometric art, which claims the materiality of painting and its many technical possibilities.

This form of abstractionism rejects the figurative and non-figurative form, so it assumes colour as its subject and subject of the painting.