|Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Arona furious with Canary Government over health centre failures 

Arona council has criticised the Government of the Canary Islands over lack of health facilities, saying it is failing to live up to its responsibilities and is failing the municipality.

The authority has formally denounced the situation and claims the lack of action has been going on for a decade.

The complaints relate specifically to the failure to honour a pledge to provide a new health centre in Las Galletas, pointing out that the current one only remains open because Arona council is paying the rent. However, the authority is also angry about a similiar situation in Los Cristianos where the municipality provided a site in 2008 for a new health centre but no work has been done.

Enviroment and infrastructures councillor José Luis Gómez said that, despite having doubled its population, the municipality of Arona has the same educational and health infrastructure, a situation that is repeated in the whole of the southern region in all that is the exclusive competence of the Government of the Canary Islands.

“The Government of the Canary Islands should assume its competences and commitments in matters of health with the residents of the municipality, a competition that is exclusive of the Executive and which has been violating promises and neglect for years, both with respect to Arona as with the whole of the southern region,” said Sr. Gómez.

He recalled that more than a decade ago, the Government of the Canary Islands promised to build a health centre in Las Galletas, a town that only has one clinic. The rent is paid by Arona council which has complained each month but does so in order that residents do not lose such a basic service.

“The Government of the Canary Islands can and must look for a location and rent it in the same way that the council does. If council, to whom it does not belong, does so, it is clear that the Executive has the obligation, not only competence, but moral duty, to do so, in addition to having specific management tools that allow it to qualify land to make it viable, something with what Arona does not count after the courts overturned the general plans in previous mandates “.

The councillor stressed that this is a situation “very similar to the one we have in Los Cristianos, which also urgently needs a new health centre and where nothing has been done, despite the fact that the council gave the Government land ten years in which absolutely nothing has been done. In this case, in addition, the Executive itself announced its inclusion in the 2005-2010 Health Plan”.

José Luis Gómez also referred “to the continuous leaks and floods of the health centre of Valle San Lorenzo.