|Friday, May 24, 2019
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Arona backs sport with increased grants 

Arona council has advanced the payment of subsidies to the sports clubs of the municipality, so that they start the year with budgetary availability.

In total, 711,109.8 euros has been paid, 80,000 euros more than last year and an increase of 77.8% with respect to the end of the previous mandate. Of this amount, half goes to girls, boys and young people from the base teams of all sports disciplines.

A total of 20,500 euros is also being allocated to the institutes for integration and community action through sports activities, aid which this year will benefit the IES Cabo Blanco, Los Cristianos, Las Galletas, Guaza and Ichasagua.

The sports federated base teams will receive 288,541.40 euros, to which is added the 41,300 euros of the official categories of age, the 239,968 euros of the federated teams of base football and the almost 41,300 of the federated senior football teams, in addition to the aforementioned grants to the IES and the technification of the teams.

The Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, explained that “clubs are the main agents that promote sports in the municipality, so it is essential to collaborate with them and support them so they can improve and continue to provide a service that it results in the health and quality of life of the residents, but, above all, of the youngest ones to whom, in this way, we educate in a healthy lifestyle.”

Sports councillor, Juan Sebastian Roque, stressed that “the practice of all sports disciplines in the municipality, both for the aid we are providing to clubs, and especially to the base, as a the improvement of the facilities, is experiencing an authentic revolution, after many years of deterioration and loss of investment momentum. We have a situation that can be improved and the results are obvious .”