|Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Students raise awareness of the coast and recycling 

Arona council’s environment department, together with the Clece company, has launched the second edition of the “My school recycles” contest.

Students from the 12 CEIPs of the municipality learn to separate waste and facilitate the recycling, an initiative in which the previous course involved 5,233 students, who collected more than 30 tons of plastic containers, bricks, cans and cork.

The educational centres that collect the most waste for recycling will receive cash prizes that will be used to buy materials, games and books. The students, in addition, must in this second edition elaborate a mascot with recycled material and residents of Arona will be able to vote, throughout the month of February, on the videos of awareness on the need to preserve the coast and the oceans made by students of fifth and sixth forms.

The videos, whose theme will have to be focused on both recycling and preserving the seas, will allow the winners to enjoy a whale watching activity.

The Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, recalled that “the first edition of My School recycles was a resounding success, not only because of the enormous participation it had on the part of the students, who were very proactive, but because it generated an awareness of double direction, which is what we wanted. While the children were learning and becoming aware, they brought that awareness to their homes. And that involvement of their families was crucial for the results we obtained.”

Sr. Mena stressed that “from the government group we said that environmental sustainability was going to be one of the keys of this mandate and we have fulfilled it with activities like this, which involve more than 5,000 students in activities related to recycling , with the importance of training and raising awareness of who the citizens of tomorrow are.”