|Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Palma’s eight-hour ban on selling alcohol for street drinking 

Mallorca’s capital of Palma is to ban the sale of alcohol for drinking in the street between midnight and 8am in a further bid to crackdown on drunken tourism.

The tough new stance will come into force in December and police will be given special powers to intervene, especially in the most popular tourist zones.

Alcohol can only be sold from midnight for con-sumption inside bars, clubs or restaurants or on their terraces during pre-autho-rised opening hours.

Palma council is going ahead with the crackdown on swigging from bottles on the streets after over-ruling local objections to the new muni-cipal regulations for the civic use of public spaces.

Spokesperson for the government team, Susanna Moll said final approval would be given in December so it could become law before the end of the year.

Police will pay special attention to a number of areas of Palma which have been designated as Zones of Special Tourist Interest where police will be allowed to act “with more forcefulness during certain months”, according to councillor for public safety, Angélica Pastor.

Fines of between 100 and 3,000 euros will also be dished out for “balconing”, the use of vehicles for the sale of food products and drinks on public roads, selling, advertising or promoting “laughing gas”; street selling either individually or in groups and the con-sumption of alcoholic beverages in the street by minors.

The promotion and orga-nisation of alcoholic excur-sions, pub crawling and party boats or disturbing pedestrians with scooters or other devices of personal mobility may also be sanctioned by the Local Police.

The performance of sexual acts which might be witnessed by children from the street, inside a dwelling or tourist accommodation may also be subject to punishment by the police, as well as performing a sexual act in the street in the presence of people who can verify it visually.

The regulations also include the prohibition of unauthorised street vending of alcohol, as well as the performance of fraudulent activities such as street tricks and games.

The proposals were initially suggested in July and have now been endorsed by the council.