|Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Man threatens to kill Prime Minister 

A man has been arrested for planning to assassinate Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez for wanting to exhume the body of dictator General Franco.

Police were alerted after a user of a private chat on WhatsApp saw a posting requesting logistical support to commit the attack and to obtain the agenda of the president’s official acts and his specific location.

Officials say the security of the Prime Minister was not compromised at any time.The man was arrested in Terrasa, a city in the east central region of Catalonia in the province of Barcelona.

The detainee, who had no police history, is a member of an Olympic shooting club, and supposedly had knowledge to modify and even build weapons.

The 63-year-old Spaniard wanted to kill Sanchez because he was furious at the prime minister’s move to exhume late dictator Francisco Franco from his high-profile resting place near Madrid, Mossos spokesman Albert Oliva told reporters.

He owned “a total of 16 weapons,” he said.