|Friday, August 23, 2019
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Drinking water pledge as Arona steps up controls 

Through its department of environment, public works and infrastructure and the concessionary company Canaragua, the local council has set in motion a control and analysis system that will involve taking 134 samples of water in the nine supply zones in which the municipality is divided.

Each sample will be subjected to an analysis that will determine the levels of various control parameters, such as odour, colour, taste, turbidity, pH, electrical conductivity at 20 degrees Celsius, residual free chlorine, iron, ammonium, total coliform bacteria or E. coli.

The results will be sent to the user or responsible person together with a letter in which the qualification of the water will be indicated, contacting the interested parties to suggest the actions to be carried out to correct the possible anomalies found.

Councillor José Luis Gómez stressed the need to give the residents of Arona maximum guarantees on drinking water, detecting any anomaly that may occur not only at the point of origin of the water, but in the point of reception and consumption.

“With this pioneering measure among the municipalities of the islands, not only are we complying with the current regulations, but we are making a leap in quality in the public services provided by the council to the residents, who will have total guarantees on the water they consume,” he assured.

“It is not only an obligation of the institutions and users that submit themselves to the anaylsis but the council itself is assuming a commitment with its citizens.”