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Costa del Silencio robbery leads to five-year prison sentence 

A man who gagged and wounded a security guard during a 140,000 euro robbery in Costa del Silencio has received a five year prison sentence.

The penalty was imposed by the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, together with an order to pay 1,440 euros, for an offence of theft with violence and illegal detention.

The events took place on the night of August 29th, 2017 when, along with three other people who have not yet been identified, the man agreed to go to a mall located in Costa del Silencio and attacked the guard. He was tied up by the feet and hands with flanges and American tape, a state in which the concierge stayed until he was discovered and released at 6am in the morning by a cleaning worker.

The defendant went to the premises dedicated to the sale of alcohol and tobacco and with a forceful instrument forced the entrance door, breaking the padlocks.

He then entered the warehouse, lifted the safe, valued at 1,500 euros, and took it outside the building.

The owners of the premises said it contained 140,000 euros although this was not confirmed.

The identification of the culprit was based on the remains of blood found in the reservoir where the safe and car were found.

The defendant said the blood found on the premises was because he had a fight with his girlfriend in the same area and had thrown his mohile phone against the wall of the business.

The girl verified this story and could be prosecued for false testimony.