|Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Bank ATM raid left notes strewn in the street! 

A Spanish street was paved with gold after a “dangerous” gang of bank robbers blew open a locked safe and left bank notes strewn in the road!

Police said the gang specialised in blowing up bank cash machines and are believed to be responsible for at least nine incidents, most of them in Madrid.

“They put the lives of people at risk, both whilst placing explosives in the ATMs and whilst fleeing at speed,” said a police spokesman.

The gang is believed to have netted significant amounts of cash, gaining 20,000 euros in one raid alone.

Police started an investigation after linking a string of ATM attacks in the capital, always using stolen cars which were later abandoned.

In one of the incidents, their getaway vehicle was chased by patrol cars and two suspects were arrested. Police found a guitar case inside containing tools.

Two other men were later arrested in their homes, one of them trying to run away despite being nearly naked. He was caught when he stopped to pick up 7,000 euros of the stolen money in his living room!

Blood found on some of the bank notes which had littered the road after one of the safe busts matched his and he was found with a deep cut on his arm.

During raids, police found around 1,000 fake two euro coins and explosive equipment, as well as marijuana plants.

“The investigation remains open,” say the Spanish police