|Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Tourism in years ahead “must benefit everyone in the Canaries”, say experts 

An army of 1,500 experts are to help the Canary Islands draw up a new tourism strategy for the years between now and 2025.

The Canary Government plans to finalise the document in December. The experts represent the Canary society and the tourism sector and more than half live in the archipelago.

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Isaac Castellano said: “The objective is that this plan allows us, as a society, to define, formalise and plan a coordinated set of actions, plans and programmes (public and private) of the tourism sector, other sectors and of society, in general. In short, a common road map that puts us in the most appropriate position to achieve our own objectives in relation to tourism in the Canary Islands in the future.”

Sr. Castellano said tourism should affect the whole of the society with the aim of increasing their quality of life.

“Tourism must take a step forward and turn the activity into the centre of the social development of the islands, encouraging and provoking the distribution of wellbeing and elevating the selfesteem of residents,” he pledged.

The document will place technological advances as a key “to increase the opportunities for innovation, efficien-cy and increased competitiveness of this central sector of the Canarian economy, which has served as a lever to promote the rest.”

Topics to be addressed are environmental and sustainability aspects; promotion; governance; legislation and ordination; connectivity and mobility; and technology and knowledge.