|Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Santiago del Teide’s wish for sports centre nears reality 

Santiago del Teide already has the project and, most importantly, the necessary financing to tender and start construction of the new sports centre in Puerto de Santiago in the area of La Vigilia.

The facility, says the Mayor, Emilio Navarro “is an old vindication of children, young people, parents and mothers of this district who did not have a place of these characteristics to practise any sports dis-cipline.”

“The infrastructure will be complemented by an audi-torium with capacity for 300 people in one of its buildings, which will be an area that will bring together many people and will become the epicentre of the inhabitants of Puerto de Santiago, which will also cover the residents of Los Gigantes.”

The sports centre will be located in the area of La Vigilia, in front of the Social Centre and will consist of two different buildings, which are joined by a roof of pressed wood that serves to cover the sports court. In one of the buildings the congress hall will be located, with a capacity of more than 300 seats divided into two heights. It will have class B classification for the-atrical performances, consis-ting of backstage, bathrooms, projector, sound, etc.

The other building will have three floors. On the first floor there will be a cafeteria, an office, a fitness room and changing rooms. The second floor will have a reading room and an open area com-plementary to the cafeteria.

Finally, the third floor will be where the sports council is located, with offices for technicians, councillors and a boardroom. The entire com-plex will have a parking area with capacity for 60 vehicles, 20 of these covered spaces.

The project will have a total constructed area of 3,149.13 m² and complies with all accessibility and energy efficiency standards.

Sports councillor, Guillermo Évora said the project had been a priority after being requested for more than 15 years.