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El Hierro aims to be an “eco-port” as passengers and vehicles 

El Hierro has a port of the 21st century with ample possibilities to cover the demand of the island for the next generations.

This is how the president of the Cabildo, Belén Allende and the director of the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Luis Santana, summed up after having a working meeting in the Port of La Estaca, also attended by the Mayor of Valverde, Daniel Morales.

Both the Cabildo and Port Authority are in the process of completing the major investments in infrastructures and services in which is one of the main entry points to the island. Thus in the last 15 years there have been 25 million invested in La Estaca, one million’s worth in the last three years.

Now, the resources needed to improve the provision of services are valued at half a million euros, largely related to the idea of converting La Estaca into an ecoport as a “port of life”, in keeping with the island’s policies in favour of a sustainable development of the island.

A meeting was held with the recreational fishermen to discuss with them how to face the important investment in cost and maintenance that involves installing a “torito” for service of recreational and fishing boats.

Once the programmed works are completed, the Port Authority is in a position to tender the marina of the Port of La Estaca, with the attraction of being the “Atlantic corridor”.

Bellen Allende also reported that, finally, the Cabildo will shortly tender the completion of the works to improve the beach of La Estaca, after three years of procedures with Costas that have finally culminated with their approval to give continuity to these works.

“We can congratulate ourselves on having a first level facility vital for our development, which guarantees both the transport of passengers and goods to the island, and which entails many parallel business possibilities, as has already been seen with the case of tourism. cruises, regattas -that we now have to push together with a powerful promotion campaign-, and the services already launched in the cafeteria, rent a car, stores, among others, ” she said.

One major change is that no ship has to turn round in the port, something that happened frequently in the past.

Traffic in La Estaca increased by 24.43 per cent in 2017, with 167,691 passengers, compared to the 134.762 in 2016. Vehicles are also increasing, with 58,236 last year compared to the previous 47,606 (with an increase of 22.33 per cent).

Merchandise traffic also increased, with 65,690 tons transported in 2017 and cruise tourism, with 12 stopovers in 2017 and 10,538 cruise passengers and 13 stopovers in 2018 and 6,450 passengers at the moment.