|Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Canaries pre-plan to protect UK market before and after Brexit 

Tourism chiefs in the Canaries say they will take all steps possible to retain its loyal market of the Brits in the run-up to and aftermath of Brexit.

The islands’ president, Fernando Clavijo stressed the need to anticipate the challenges ahead during a seminar held under the banner of “The challenges of Brexit on aviation and tourism”.

He said the Canaries were leading the way with its presidency of the Conference of Presidents RUP and there had been “many meetings” over Brexit to ensure the economic and commercial ties between the archipelago and the United Kingdom were maintained.

“Every year there are approximately five million Britons who visit us, to which are added more than 30,000 Britons who reside in the archipelago and who go to their country of origin regularly, without forgetting more than 2,700 Canarians residing in the United Kingdom, hence the importance of analysing the changes that will occur on aviation once the exit occurs,” Sr. Clavijo stressed.

He highlighted the importance of this working forum, “which will be of great help to the specific commission created by the Government of the Canary Islands to make a global analysis of the impact of ‘Brexit’ for the Canary Islands, and will delve into measures that mitigate those possible negative effects. “

During the inauguration, the president was accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Isaac Castellano, who pointed to Brexit as one of the immediate challenges for tourism in the Canary Islands.

Sr. Castellano agreed with the president that it is necessary to anticipate the necessary measures so that the “impact on Canarian tourism is as limited as possible and we continue to enjoy the visit of those families who choose the Canary Islands to spend their holidays.”

Javier Gándara, Director of EasyJet Spain, highlighted “the important role that commercial aviation plays in tourism, commerce and the economy in general, as well as in the welfare of the citizens.”

He said the UK’s exit from the EU introduces a very important element of uncertainty in terms of this connectivity, which is why it was necessary to have a bilateral agreement so that these connections can continue to be made.

The director of easyJet Spain added that “commercial aviation should be seen as part of the essential infrastructure that shapes the style and way of life of citizens today, and that agreement should be closed as soon as possible due to the configuration of the planning of aerial activity, which is done months in advance.”

For its part, María Méndez, manager of Promotur Turismo de Canarias, addressed the importance of the British for the Canarian tourism market, “which is why it is fundamental to reduce the uncertainty prevailing between the Canarian tourism sector”.