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Top tips for exercising in hot weather 

Health officers have issued a warning to people about doing exercise in the summer reminding them that although being active is good, special measures should still be taken.

A number of guidelines are being recommended, including asking your doctor for advice and to drink plenty of water.

“Summer is a season of the year where we have more opportunities of doing some type of physical exercise, since we have more free time and there are more hours of light,” said a spokesman for the Canary Health Service. “Therefore, with the aim of maintaining a good state of health, it is recommended to do at least half an hour of physical activity of moderate-vigorous intensity per day.”

Guidelines issued when doing physical exercise on hot days include:

1. Have a good breakfast, in accordance with the physical activity to follow. The exercise should be done 60 or 90 minutes after that meal. No alcohol or tobacco should be consumed.

2. Choose the least hours of the day to exercise: the first hours of the morning or at dusk.

3. Get to know your correct level of effort and the heart rate advisable for our age. Always ask your doctor for advice.

4. Use appropriate clothing, with loose fabrics that absorb perspiration and comfortable shoes and appropriate to the physical activity.

5. Hydrate well. Children and the elderly need more hydration. A general rule is to drink one and a half litres per kilo lost in the exercise and do it every 10-15 minutes.

6. Always use sun protection appropriate to your skin phototype, minimum 30 FPS, protect your head with a cap and, if possible, place a wet scarf on the neck.

7. If you run on the beach do it preferably on the shore, on the surface as flat as possible and better with suitable slippers. If it is off the beach, always look for the appropriate shade and circuits.

8. In case of pregnancy, advanced age, children or overweight: extreme precautions and maintain moderate levels of intensity and do not exceed 60-70 per cent of the maximum heart rate expected for your physical condition.

9. Physical exercise with friends or relatives is much more fun and rewarding, and in case of problems you can help.

10. If you feel bad, with dizziness or nausea, stop exercising. Rest in the shade and drink water or isotonic drinks until recovering. If the situation does not improve, call 112.

More information at http://veranosaludable.org/