|Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Residents and Arona council unhappy about Guargacho roundabout 

Arona council is pressing for the introduction of additional security measures at the roundabout project of the TF-652 in Guargacho.

Following a meeting with residents and after months of meetings with Tenerife Cabildo, the local council’s departments of urbanism and infrastructure feel there are insufficient measures propos-ed by the island corporation for this “black point”.

They are suggesting a raft of extra measures, including signs, lighting and a new lane which allows changes of direction without risks.

The TF-652 road, owned by the Cabildo, is, on its way through the town of Guar-gacho, a real “black point” of traffic in which there are a number of accidents, some of them serious, especially at the roundabout between calle Camilo José Cela and Olimpia, says Arona.

More than six months of meetings have taken place between the two authorities to draw up an acceptable plan which would meet the needs and wishes of residents. So far, however, Arona council is unhappy about what is being proposed and says it is insufficient .

Specifically, councillors for urbanism and infrastructure, José Luis Gómez and Luis García, respectively, consider that the project should be modified to include pedestrian crossings, the inclusion of dead guards and lighting, as well as stepping and signalling of the bus stop, as requested.

The municipal proposal also contemplates the realisation of an expropriation of land that allows the construction of an additional road. That road would serve to make direct entry from the TF-652 to the industrial estate, Virgen del Carmen and Costa del Silencio.

Both councillors have explained that “until now, the only roundabout that has been undertaken by the Cabildo de Tenerife in Arona is Malpaso, while in other municipalities it already has projects to execute others such as Armeñime or Oroteanda. This Guargacho scheme must become a priority for the island corporation, as it is a real black point of the municipality, in which numerous accidents occure.”

And they added: “We agree with residents present at the meeting that the Cabildo so-lution is more than insufficient, since the work must include essential elements, such as pedestrian crossings, lighting, an additional road and signage, among others, so we are going to demand their inclusion. We do not want patches for the municipality, but comprehensive projects that really improve the lives of the people who live there.”