|Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Los Realejos, home to stunning murals 

This stunning mural in Los Realejos is a tribute to the grain growers of the Canaries, courtesy of an internationally-renowned artist.

Matías Mata recently re-visited the town to sign the large-format mural in the plaza Poeta Antonio Reyes promoted by the local council.

The artist, who is originally from Lanzarote and is known as “Sabotaje al Montaje”, has already created a homage to Viera and Antonio González, illustrious figures of Los Realejos.

This new initiative in Icod de Alto has been promoted by the Department of Cultural Promotion, directed by Adolfo González, through the Association for the Promotion of Visual and Performing Arts of Los Realejos (AFAVER).

The theme chosen on this occasion is a tribute to the traditional practice of cereal harvesting and gofio, two hallmarks of the cultural heritage of the town and more specifically of this nucleus of Icod el Alto. The artist also places value on the role of women in the traditions of the place, with its two main elements, in addition to referring to Los Realejos as a Child Friendly City through the image of a child in the work inherited from the threshing.

Visiting the mural, Adolfo González said: “Mural art is another tool to enhance the cultural heritage of our municipality, as it makes its inhabitants proud of their historical legacy and their traditions on the street as a tribute to our identity.”

The council confirmed that “in the coming months will see the light of new projects of local artists in different parts of the municipality, as one of the strongest bets of this mandate from the Department of Promotion and Cultural Heritage.”