|Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Saharawi children return to Puerto for another vacation in peace 

Ten Saharawi children, accompanied by the host families of the “Vacations in Peace” programme, have been received in the traditional annual visit to Puerto city hall.

The Mayor, Lope Afonso joined the delegate of the help organisaton Frente Polisar in Tenerife, Hamdi Mansor and other councillors at the ceremony.

Families from Puerto de la Cruz have taken part in “Vacations in Peace” since 1996.

The activities have been innumerable and diverse, including meetings, soli-darity days, exhibitions and visits.

“Puerto de la Cruz has always been a solidarity municipality, having as one of our priorities the participation and financing of humanitarian aid programmes,” said Sr. Afonso.

Social services councillor, Víctor Manuel Cabo thanked all the members of the host programme for their “involve-ment in helping these children in basic needs that could not be covered in their country of origin.”

At the same time, the mayor recalled the recovery of “projects derived from coope-ration with the Sahrawi people, among others, the channeling of drinking water.”

Puerto has extensive experience in the execution of International Cooperation projects, being the first municipality in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife that is part of the Canary Islands Fund for International Solidarity and Development Cooperation, actively participating within the Federation of Town Councils and Canary City Councils in solidarity with the Saharawi people.

The ten Saharawi children have spent a few weeks in the tourist city enjoying its coastal charms.