|Friday, April 19, 2019
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Good news for Cajamar Tenerife Bluetrail as plans take shape for 2019 edition 


The Cajamar Tenerife Bluetrail 2019, the annual event organised by the Cabildo de Tenerife to be held on June 8th, will have points awarded by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) in all its modalities.

The Media version has obtained a point from the prestigious association, which gives it an added incentive to this modality of 20 km. Thus, the Ultra version (102 km) will have five points, while the Trail (67 km) three points, the Marathon (43 km) two points and the Media (20 km) one point.

ITRA aims to give voice to the actors of trail running to promote their strong values, their diversity, the safety of the races and the health of the runners. It also aims to contribute to the development of trail running and facilitate dialogue with national or international institutions interested in this sport.

Meantime, the Centre for Initiatives and Tourism (CIT) of Puerto de la Cruz distinguished the Cajamar Tenerife Bluetrail as part of the annual awards ceremony held at the Atlantic Mirage Suites & Spa hotel in La Paz.

The CEO of Ideco, Eusebio Díaz, was commissioned to receive the award “for the organisation of an international test of great significance, which combines sports, tourism and sustainability, with Puerto de la Cruz as its destination.”

The Cajamar Tenerife Bluetrail follows the Manual of Good Mountain Racing Practices in Protected Natural Spaces of the Spanish Mountain Federation (FEDME), allowing the develop-ment of a sport activity by the natural environment to be compatible with the conservation of the heritage values of the protected spaces. At the same time, it transports to the exterior the natural charms that the Island possesses with its more than one thousand kilometers of trails in order to attract a tourism that is increasingly loving nature.

The Cajamar Tenerife Bluetrail will be present at the Ultra Trail Show of the UTMB (Mont Blanc) that is held from August 28th to 31st to publicice the race at an international level. Thus, there will be a raffle for a free registration for each modality and a trip will be raffled (registration, transfer and accommodation) among the people who attend the Tenerife test stand.

The Cajamar Tenerife Bluetrail 2019 has the sponsorship of the Cajamar Canarias Foundation, Turismo de Tenerife and Promotur and the collaboration of the Volkswagen Comerciales Canarias and Hospiten. Registration for the test will open on September 1st through the web www.tenerifeblu-etrail.com