|Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Puerto aims to become an “intelligent tourist destination” 

Puerto de la Cruz is aiming to become an “Intelligent Tourist Destination”.

An agreement has been signed with the State Mercantile Society to the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies, SAMP (SEGITTUR).

The campaign will consist of an audit of the destination, from which a diagnosis will be obtained on the initial situation aimed at becoming an intelligent destination.

An action plan would then be developed that includes all the improvements that the destination must make in the four fields of innovation, technology, sustainability and accessibility.

The agreement was signed by the Mayor, Lope Afonso, and the president of Segittur, Fernando de Pablo. They were accompanied by tourism councillor, Dimple Melwani, and Carlos Romero, Director of Research, Development and Tourism Innovation Segittur.

Sr. Afonso said turning Puerto de la Cruz into a Smart Tourist Destination would produce a tourist city prepared to successfully face the cha-llenges and transformations posed by the new economic, social and technological environment.

Digital transformation is seen as one of the fundamental pillars to be more competitive and reach new profiles of travellers.

In this sense, the Depart-ment of Tourism has been working for a few months on a pioneering project of tourist intelligence system with the Foundation of the University of La Laguna which was presented at the end of last year.

The ‘Smart Destination’ distinction already has enor-mous recognition and is generating great expectations both inside and outside of Spain. More and more des-tinations are requesting to join the project.