|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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New crackdown on online platforms offering illegal Canary rentals 

PAGE 15 New crackdown on online  platforms offering illegal Canary rentals

A new crackdown is being planned on online platforms which offer unregistered holiday homes in the Canary Islands.

Debate is currently raging over vacation rentals, with authorities all over Spain planning various limitation methods.

The hotel employers’ association, Ashotel says it is concerned about the high volume of illegal housing that is offered on the internet and aims to control online platforms to avoid the dissemination of unregistered and, therefore, illegal offers.

“It is easier to control the 14-15 platforms than to go directly to the 31,000 holiday homes scattered throughout the Canary Islands,” said Ashotel manager Juan Pablo González.

 Only eleven per cent of holiday homes that are disseminated through online platforms in Tenerife are registered in the corresponding registry of the Island Council.

This percentage grows a bit more in the case of La Palma (31 per cent), La Gomera (44 per cent) and El Hierro (53 per cent), according to the cross-referenced data of the 2017 Promotur report and the corresponding registers of the councils.

At the regional level, according to the aforemen-tioned Promotur report, of the 131,032 beds of holiday homes published on platforms through-out the Canary Islands, only 18,440 are legalised, that is, only 14 per cent.

 Sr. González said Ashotel does not oppose this accommodation modality but “we do not want to be imposed by models from other islands, we want to be able to choose the model that we consider best for Tenerife”.

The group backs the draft of the new decree produced the Government of the Canary Islands which sets various guidelines but leave it up to individual municipalities to add the fineprint and therefore its own controls.

Meantime, an appeal has gone out to the online platforms to put in their own controls and check whether the properties advertised are properly licensed. Huge fines have already been handed out elsewhere to Airbnb and TripAdvisor for having illegal rentings on their sites and both are planning a crackdown.

“We have 475,000 re-gulated tourist beds in the Canary Islands and 131,000 vacation rentals with only 14 inspectors; it is very difficult to control with such few professionals the high volume of vacation rental beds, so we appeal to the subsidiary solidarity of the platforms so that they do not advertise unregulated offer, while we ask to reinforce the inspection,” said commented Juan Pablo González .