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Popular swim to feature three more categories 

PAGE 37 Popular swim to feature  three more categories

More than 120 people have already signed up for the XV Bajamar-Punta del Hidalgo Swim, which will be held on July 28th.

This event, organised by the autonomous sports organ-isation of La Laguna, will be part of the 14 competitions on the seven islands of the first edition of the Canary Open Water Cup.

The good rhythm of the registration, with still six weeks before this aquatic event is held, foresees an increase of participants with respect to other years. This voyage has been celebrated for 15 years with an average of 300 swimmers. It is worth noting that it is the second with the largest number of registrations in the regional area, only behind the Crossing to Nado El Río (Lanzarote).

This test joins two of the main Laguna coastal cores. The challenge to be overcome will be to swim a kilometre and 900 metres from Bajamar to the fishing refuge of Punta del Hidalgo in a maximum of an hour and a half.

Registration can be done online at www.deportelagu-nero.com or in person at the OAD offices from Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm until July 24th. The maximum quota is 400 people. The price to dispute it is 12 euros until June 30th and 16 euros from July 1st.

Due to the high par-ticipation this year, three new modalities have been added: Infant, Junior and Senior. In total the test will have eleven categories, both female and male, as well as one mixed team: Children (14-15 years), Junior (16-17 years), Senior (30-34 years), Master A (25-29 years), Master B (30-34 years), Master C (35-39 years), Veteran I (40-44 years), Veteran II (45-49 years) and Veteran III (50-59 years) ), Veteran IV (from 60 years old), Local (from 14 years old), and mixed team.

In order to encourage the participation of swimmers in the municipality, the local category has been created, to which persons regist-ered in Bajamar or Punta del Hidalgo may register, who will have to provide the necessary documen-tation.