|Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Police arrest eleven in multi-million euro tax fraud scam in Gran Canaria 

Agents of the National Police with the collaboration of the State Agency for Tax Administration have dismantled two organisations allegedly specialised in tax fraud and money laundering.

The two business structures supposedly generated huge economic benefits through the diversion of capital from important companies engaged in construction.

The organisations are based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Madrid. A total of eleven people have been investigated as alleged perpetrators of crimes such as money laundering, against the Public Treasury, forgery and fraud.

Nearly 100 works of art, 27 vehicles, 280 real estate properties and eleven banking products have been seized or frozen.

“The investigation, initiated in 2015, detected a possible fraud to the Public Treasury of almost three million euros committed through the issuance of false invoices from important companies engag-ed in construction,” said a police spokesperson.

Investigators located two business groups based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Madrid, which would have received from the aforemen-tioned construction companies an amount of approxi-mately twelve million euros. Some of that money would have been defrauded to the Public Treasury through the appropriate documentary falsehoods, while another amount would have been laundered through its reintroduction into the legal economic circuit through investment operations.

Among its activities, the organisations allegedly manipulated the billings of various companies from previous fiscal years, with the presumed purpose of evading the treasury’s action, as well as the use, apparently in an orchestrated manner, of different people as frontmen as owners.

“These companies, it seems, were unified in order to create a complex network of companies whose purposes were the issuance and collection of invoices of doubtful credibility and the generation of debts between them, displacing a huge flow of funds in cash between them,” said the police.