|Sunday, May 19, 2019
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Mallorca hotels fined for overcrowding 

Tourism inspectors have slapped fines totalling more than half a million pounds on 32 hotels in Mallorca for overcrowding.

The tough sanctions follow daily inspections and a specific campaign during August 2017 when a sample was taken in 40 hotels. This alone lead to infringements being spotted in 22 of them.

The tourism department of the Balearic Government says overcrowding is strictly against the rules and any hotel faced with an overbooking situaton is required by law to put guests in alternative accommodation.

“In no way should a room have more people in it than allowed,” said a spokesman. “The exception is extra beds for young children and cots.”

The fines total 621,000 euros and range between 15,000 euros and 55,000 euros per establishment depending on the severity of the offence. The hotels will have a chance to appeal.

The hotels are allowed to put additional beds in rooms only for children under the age of 12 and cots for toddlers up the age of two.

“In no other case is it allowed to exceed the number of authorised places,” said the tourism department.

“Owners are obliged in the case of overcrowding to provide other accommodation in an establishment in the same area, of equal or superior quality, and in conditions similar to those agreed.”

The law also dictates that the owner has to meet the cost of travel to alternative accommodation, any difference in price and any other expenses.