|Sunday, May 19, 2019
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Gang forged residencia cards for prostitutes 

National Police agents have dismantled an organisation dedicated to the counterfeiting of Foreigner Identity Cards.

Twelve Colombian citizens have been detained – six in Madrid, four in Barcelona, one in Pamplona and another in Mallorca – accused of various crimes such as belonging to a criminal organisation, fraud, documentary falsification or infringement of the immigration law.

The gang was based in Madrid and the main plaintiffs of the false documentation were women, also of Colombian nationality, who practised prostitution in Barcelona. The counterfeiters came to charge 6,000 euros for each card, in the case of high-quality copies.

The investigations began when an agent detected a Foreigner Identity Card in a documentation control, which turned out to be a high-quality counterfeit.

The modus operandi was to combine a series of legal residence procedures with the preparation of different types of facsimiles of Foreigner Identity Cards and stamped stamps of the Schengen area in passports, depending on the charac-teristics of the administrative situation in Spain of each applicant of the illegal document.

The process ended when the organisation gathered enough information and material to prepare a copy of the residence card, which they gave to their recipients in exchange for several payments that were made throughout the development and amounted to a total of about 6,000 euros.