|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Two Brits arrested at airport 

Two British men, one of them hiding a knife, were arrested at a Spanish airport for threatening the police.

The two Brits, aged 32 and 35, were said to have caused mayhem in the departure area of Malaga airport on March 9th but details have only just been revealed.

Spanish police say the two men ran amok at the airport, using threatening behaviour against other passengers, spilling drinks they were carrying and flinging publicity material picked up from promotion companies on the floor.

At one stage, one of the Brits was reported to have put a finger to his neck when approached by the police.

The other kept putting his hand in his pocket where officers later discovered a knife. A syringe was also found.

The incident happened near the check-in area of terminal 3 which was packed with holidaymakers.

Police say when the officers approached them to ask for their documents, both men became insulting and “adopted a contemptuous and defiant tone.”

One of the officers was also pushed in the chest.