|Friday, May 24, 2019
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San Juan de la Rambla to create sports directory 

San Juan de la Rambla has pledged its commitment to sport in all its forms and for athletes, clubs and local associations.

The local council has started a round of meetings with representatives of the local sports scene to put on the table the lines of action that will shape the annual sports programme, the regulations in force in the field of associations and the different requirements to be part of the register of clubs, associations and local sportsmen who will benefit from municipal economic support.

Sports councillor Priscila Díaz confirmed to the athletes and federated clubs present that the council has an amount of up to 12,000 euros intended to help defray expenses.

“We understand that sport is a rising value in San Juan de la Rambla, which should be protected and supported within our possibilities so that our municipality continues to be the cradle of champions and quarry of future elite athletes,” she said.

To this end and with the idea of generating an updated official register of local professionals within the field, First Deputy Mayor Cayetano Silva announced “the idea that this Consistory has a firm record of federated clubs, associations and athletes, so that the Consistory itself is available to interested parties to provide all the support and administrative advice needed to consolidate participation in the registry. “

Both councillors expressed the intention to continue promoting citizen participation as a basis for the creation of the own programming that governs the sports movement in the Villa during this year, so that the athletes themselves will be responsible for proposing the different events and meetings under the umbrella of diversity, inclusion and healthy leisure.

The municipality currently has medalists in its list of multiple doctrines, from athletics, swimming, football and cycling, among others. In addition, it annually celebrates renowned events such as the Milla del Fuego, the Cyclotourist ramblera, the coexistence and domino tournament, the athletics days and the Running-Trail.