|Monday, January 21, 2019
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Major boost for La Palma as Transvulcania 2019 becomes SuperSky race 


Three weeks before the Transvulcania Naviera Armas 2018 is celebrated in La Palma, the 2019 edition is already taking shape with important news around it.

It has been announced that the Transvulcania 2019 will be part of the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series, becoming one of the so-called SuperSky Races for the first time in history.

Only a handful of tests in the world can count on the privilege of being considered within the SuperSky Race category, something that guarantees the assistance of the world elite of the specialty.

The Isla Bonita competition, in its Ultramaratón distance, will distribute four times more points in 2019 than in its previous editions, as well as twice the economic amount in prizes, which will reach 10,000 euros.

In this way the Trans-vulcania 2019 will also be qualifying for the grand finale of the Skyrunner World Series season, the iconic SkyMaster, in which the first seven runners of the Trans-vulcania 2019 will have a guaranteed place for a race where only the best runners will be present of the world that have achieved the classifi-cation, since it will not be a race open to everyone.

To get the passport to this grand final, a runner must finish between the first seven of one of the SuperSky Races or between the first three of the rest of the circuit races.

In addition to the season 2019 all races will score for the same ranking in order to allow choosing the best runner and runner in the world, although only 15 tests will be part of this circuit and four of them will have the newly acquired consideration by Transvulcania.

This historic agreement was certified between Anselmo Pestana, President of the Island Council of La Palma, Ascensión Rodríguez, sports councillor of the local corporation and Michel Hodara, the director and head of operations of SkyMan, the entity organiser of the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series.

Anselmo Pestana, Cabildo president, acknowledged that this agreement “reinforces the great work being done by the organisation of the event so that it remains part of the world’s elite. Thus, it is guaranteed that Transvulcania continue to be among the best events in the world and continue to have the best runners of the moment. “