|Monday, January 21, 2019
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World’s largest cruise ship told to “go home” 

Mass tourism protestors took to the ports of Mallorca and Barcelona to stage demonstrations against the world’s bigger-ever cruise liner “Symphony of the Seas”.

Angry campaigners carrying banners and shouting messages like “City for those who live in it, not for those who visit it” greeted passengers as they came into the island’s capital of Palma.

The “floating city”, weighing 228,081 tons and capable of carrying 6,680 passengers, is touring the world as part of its debut voyage but pressure groups fighting mass tourism have told it go “go home”.

“”We have come to say ‘hello’ and ‘adiós’,” said a spokesman. “Our islands need to put limits on the intensification of mass tourism. “

“We do not want this monster in our port,” declared another of the protestors who held up banners saying “”Mallorca will be the tomb of tourism” and “Stop poluttion of the seas” .

The groups claim the cruise liner consumes as much energy in three days as the local airport does in one year.

The protest in Palma follows similar scenes in Barcelona under the banner of #StopCreuers.

The campaigners say mega ships like the “Symphony of the Seas” are “monsters” which contribute to environmental damage and mass tourism”.

The liner has 2,759 rooms distributed in a total of 18 decks and seven areas. It takes a crew of 2,175 people.

Amongst its novel features is the longest slide in the world on board a boat (with a 28 metre drop) and a bionic bar where cocktails are served by robot waiters. It has 20 restaurants, ten jacuzzis and five pools.

The cruise liner is expected to make 30 stops in Barcelona this year and become a regular sight in Palma.