|Friday, May 24, 2019
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Tougher fines this summer for anti-social behaviour 

Magaluf is to hit misbehaving British tourists with even tougher “on-the-spot” penalties this summer, with fines for anti-social behaviour soaring four times as much as last year!

Any holidaymaker involved in rowdy scenes will now have to pay 400 euros instead of the 100 euros of 2017 and 500 euros for any breach of the peace involving alcohol.

The same 400 per cent rise is being applied to any tourist caught urinating in the street who will now have to fork out 400 euros whilst the fine for going naked or sem-naked in a public place will double to 400 euros as well.

Calvia council, which covers all the main tourist hotspots in and around Magaluf, has published a revised list of 16 existing sanctions which will be increased in price. They will either multiply four-fold, double or rise two and a half times the existing amount.

A spokesman for the tourist area said: “Calvià council has approved by decree to increase the amount of sanctions that refer to 16 infractions of the Municipal Ordinance for the Promotion of Coexistence in Calvià, which was already more than one year old. “

“After the experience of 2017 and with the aim of encouraging spaces for the enjoyment of residents and tourists, it has been decided to increase the amount of fines in order to prevent certain behaviour and guarantee an optimal coexistence between the residents of Calvià and visitors. “

One of the main objectives will be to tackle drinking in the street and bottle parties, one of the most common problems during the tourist season.

“In addition, preventing the practice of nudism or seminudism in unauthorised places is another of the challenges to improve coexistence,” says the council.

The long list of rules to combat bad behaviour was first published in October of 2016 and started to come into force last summer, at first with warnings and then with fines.

Calvia council thinks it has made some progress and has been imposing penalties on rowdy tourists, including a group of 18 Brits who decided to streak along the seafront. They were each fined 200 euros. If anything similar happens this season, the fine would be double as much at 400 euros.

All 16 of the sanctions come under the “minor” category and if paid within ten days, will have a 50 per cent discount.

Other heftier fines will still apply to serious and very serious breaches which could soar to as much as 6,000 euros.