|Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Spanish airports must sell small bottles of water for one euro 

All of Spain’s aiports have been ordered to sell bottles of water at just a euro each as continuous complaints from fed-up holidaymakers finally prompt action.

Tourists have been hitting out at the airport authority over the “extornitate” price of water, despite health chiefs warning travellers to make sure they stay hydrated to avoid problems on flights.

In the past, bottles of water at some Spanish airports have cost as much as 3.50 euros.

Now, the Spanish airports authority, AENA says shops and concessions within all the airports will have to make sure they have small 33ml bottles of water available at one euro. Half litre bottles, at the same cost, will be obtainble from dispensing machines.

At the moment, 19 stores in seven airports – Madrid-Barajas, Palma de Mallorca, Bilbao, Tenerife Sur, Santiago, Vigo and Girona-Costa Brava – follow the new rules, with another 16 in the process of changing their prices in Madrid-Barajas, Alicante-Elche, Valencia, Barcelona-El Prat and Malaga-Costa del Sol.

Some 134 vending ma-chines in six airports – Tenerife Sur, Gran Canaria, Fuerte-ventura, Leon, Vitoria and Salamanca – provide the half-litre bottles .

The price of certain basic products in Aena’s network of Spanish airports, especially water, had caused complaints from passengers, who went to the Ombudsman, Francisco Fernández Marugán, to obtain a reduction.

In his latest annual report, corresponding to 2017, the Ombudsman said he had obtained a commitment from the authority to “make available drinking water sources to citizens” and to limit the maximum prices of bottled water, both from restaurants at the airport and the vending machines. In the case of machines, the price was set at 1.60 euros.

Now, despite this, Aena has gone a step further to reduce the amount to one euro.