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Post Office strike and demonstrations over “unacceptable” working conditions 

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Post office workers in the Canaries are so over-worked that it is affecting their health, say unions.

Unions in the archipelago are supporting national calls for strike action over what they describe as the “instability” of the service.

Various protests are to be held, the first of which has already taken place in Tenerife.

The unions of the CCOO, UGT, CSIF and Sindicato Libre say there will be demon-strations through rallies, strikes and even a general strike for the post office group in the spring as a form of protest against the measures that have led to the ” precarisation “of their jobs.

The four associations, representing 85 per cent of the total staff, said that this situation may be extended throughout the year “if the Government does not guarantee the viability of the Post Office”, assured Pedro Segura, provincial secretary of CCOO in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The calendar of the different mobilisations that will take place throughout Spain will include a national strike on May 4th.

The recent demonstration in Tenerife was in Playa de las Americas because it is said to be one of the most affected units in the province because of cuts.

The unions say there has been a cut in financing of almost 70 percent in 2017, with a reduction in the State Budget from 180 million euros to 57 million in the economic heading destined for Correos. This, they say, constitutes a “new cut of public services in the middle of economic recovery”.

The unions also mentioned the suppression of 15,000 jobs since 2008, 300 of them in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, something that, they indicated, has led to temporary and partial hiring.

“We have less fixed staff and little contracting for the existing volume of employment,” Sr. Segura added.

The unions say the situation is having a very detrimental impact on members of the public which is reflected in insufficient deliveries, cuts in hours of customer service, delays in shipments and failure to deliver notifications.

They want the lost finance to be reinstated and an improvement in the conditions of salary, employment and rights of workers.

María del Carmen Dorta, regional secretary of the UGT Canary Islands postal sector, said that workers suffer an overload of work that can even affect their health.

“The staff reaches a point of stress in which the pressure is unbearable,” she added.

The unions say that if a member of staff goes off sick, they are not replaced so there is even more burden on the team left behind.