|Monday, January 21, 2019
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Pioneering new blood test machine for Loro Parque 


The Loro Parque Fundación veterinary clinic has received portable equipment for carrying out blood tests.

It therefore becomes a pioneer at international level, since it is the first time this machinery is used outside the United States.

The donor company is ABAXIS, sponsor of the Foundation and specialist in the development and distribution of this type of equipment for medical and veterinary use.

The new device represents an enormous benefit for the veterinary team of Loro Parque, since it can be used in countless different species and in any part: in the laboratory, in the facilities of the Park, or even in conservation projects “in situ” for those who work directly with wild populations.

Called ‘Alinity’, it gives immediate results and prints them instantly, facilitating procedures and significantly shortening information pro-cessing times.

Jorge Soares, Veterinary Director of Loro Parque, believes that there are many advantages to having this portable machine, highlighting the possibility of obtaining an immediate result and, there-fore, to be able to make decisions and act quickly. It also emphasises the possibility of carrying out blood tests with very small samples (of smaller species), often insufficient for the equipment of normal laboratories, thanks to which, with very little quantity of blood, a lot of information can be obtained.

Bärbel Köhler, ambassador of ABAXIS, said after 16 years of collaboration with the Park and the Foundation, the ties were very close.