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Mountain race turns spotlight on Guia de Isora’s natural heritage 


The seventh edition of the Mountain Race to Tágara was held in Guia de Isora, which concluded with the triumphs of Agustín Reyes, of Studio 54, and Myriam Guillot-Boisset, male and female winners, respectively , over the 34 kilometres.

Agustín Reyes completed the difficult route in 03:30:16. He was followed by Manuel Alexis Martín, of the Canary Top Trail (03:40:39), and Antonio Manuel Martín, of the Sport Surf (03:43:29).

For the women, Guillot-Boisset reigned supreme, completing the longest run in just over four hours (04:05:26). Guillot had already been the winner of the short distance last year. The second to overcome the goal was Silvia Pérez (Archipelago Trail, 05:00:01). The third was Rocío Corzo (Coyotes Tenerife Trail, 05:13:18).

In the short modality, of 13 kilometres, triumph went to Ruymán Martín (Surf Sport, 01:14:55). Second was Carlos Jesús Hernández (01:17:24) and Javier Padrón (Patea San Borondón- Berenice Dental, 01:20:28) was third. In the women’s category Yurena San Fiel (Zanata Trail, 01:57:48), Nany González (Carphial teror trail, 02:00:53) and Irene Caballero (Baifos Trail, 02:01:53) took the podium places.

The local winners of the long distance were José Hernández Placeres (Chavao Team, 04:19:21) and Desiré Perdomo Vera, (Machete Trail, 05:37:13); and in the short distance were Tanausú Martel Évora (Snack-Bar Parada Chío, 01:35:05) and Ana María Martel Évora (Snack-Bar Parada Chío, 02:13:39).

Sports councillor, José Rivero, said he was very satisfied with the participation and especially congratulated the organising club of the event: Tenerife Corre, volunteers and members of the security device. He also recalled the effort made by the local council to publicise the natural heritage through this test in its different modalities.

Of the 283 people enrolled in the 34km distance, 222 people completed it, and out of 225 enrolled in the 13km distance, 191 people managed to finish.