|Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Boy dies after playing with strands of curtain 

A boy aged nine has died in a freak accident after he became entangled in the strands of a hanging curtain between the kitchen and laundry room of his home.

His distraught mother found the youngster with some of the plastic strands tied around his neck. Medics fought for more than an hour and a half to revive him but could not save his life.

Psychologists were called in to help the young mum who collapsed with grief after the tragedy in the town of Caravaca de la Cruz in Murcia, Spain.

Police said the boy appeared to have been playing with the curtains whilst his mother was in the dining room. She went to look for him when he didn’t answer her calls and found him unconscious.

Neighbours rushed to the scene when they heard her screams and called the police. Officers started resuscitation until doctors arrived but no pulse could be regained.

The mother and son are both Spanish. Another child, a 17-year-old girl, was away on a school Easter trip and had to be called back.

Health and safety experts have already highlighted the potential dangers of children playing with such curtains and urge parents to take extra special care.