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Another major boost for Artedental with Ziacom vote of confidence 

The dental implants house Ziacom has chosen a clinic in Puerto de la Cruz as a reference centre in Spain.

Artedental has been specialising in the placement and treatment of implants for over a decade, which makes it one of the most experienced clinics in this specialty in the islands.

Ziacom will hold courses for professionals in the clinic’s facilities, taught by its medical director, Víctor Cubillo; and Fer Griffón, one of the best prosthetic teachers in the country.

In Spain, 800,000 implants are placed per year, according to the latest study published by Dental Monitor 2011-2015. The study also states that implants account for more than 30 per cent of the total Spanish dental business, a percentage that reveals the importance of a specialty that has been practiced for only three decades and that every year experiences growth.

More and more patients are trusting this solution to solve the absence of dental pieces because, as experts say, “is the best solution that exists in the market.”

Although in the Canary Islands dental clinics are gradually adding this service to their treatments, there are still few centres whose specialty is precisely implantology. And you have to be careful about which centre you choose. According to the Official College of Dentists of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, despite the fact that franchises account for less than four per cent of all clinics, they account for almost half of the claims in the dental sector, more than 40 per cent.

The success rate of an implant often depends more on the dentist who executes it than on the implant itself, and therefore, an implant house that chooses a clinic as a reference centre is a seal of quality and confidence in its good practice.

This is precisely what has happened with the Spanish implant house Ziacom, with headquarters in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and the United States. It has decided to position the medical director of the Artedental clinic, Víctor Cubillo, as a reference surgeon and has chosen Artedental as a training centre in Spain.

The courses will be taught by the medical director himself, who will be responsible for training other professionals in the field of implantology; and Fer Griffón, one of the best prosthetics teachers in the country and who directs the Artedental laboratory, will be in charge of instructing about dental prostheses.

Precisely just a few weeks ago, between March 15th and 17th, the two Artedental specialists visited the Expodental fair in Madrid and represented the Ziacom implant company. There, Dr. Víctor Cubillo led a conference on the PTE treatment, which aims to improve the longevity of implants, in one of the most important meetings of the sector in Europe and the largest exhibition of the industry in Spain.

From the clinic they have expressed “the satisfaction that represents being a centre of reference for a brand as consolidated as Ziacom, and hope that this new adventure will help improve how this treatment is executed among the patients of the islands”.