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Tougher rules on pet ownership in La Orotava 

PAGE 10 Tougher rules on pet  ownership in La Orotava

Tougher rules over pet ownership are due to come into force in La Orotava following a public consultation exercise.

Local residents were invited to make their own suggestions to the new legislation being considered by La Orotava council.

The Neotropic Foundation also worked hand in hand with the authority to improve the current draft which concerns pets and domestic animals.

Aspects being considered include the provision of suitable public spaces for the recreation of animals; collec-tion of abandoned animals; confiscation of domestic animals that show symptoms of physical aggression or malnourishment or are in poor condition or improper facilities.

The census of animals will continue but for this it is necessary to count on the collaboration of citizens who own animals.

Health councillor María Eugenia Mesa said it was an obligation to have pets fitted with a microchip and to be recorded with the local council.

The new rules are expected to be confirmed councillors this month. They will include a ban on mistreating or physically attacking animals, subjecting them to any other practice that results in any damage or suffering, aban-doning them or keeping them in inappropriate places. At the same time, they cannot be used in shows, to facilate begging or using them in fights.