|Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Bank skimming fraud thwarted in major operation 

Two Bulgarians have been arrested for the falsification of bank cards and for using them in skimming scams.

They were caught in Madrid and Toledo for trying to perform almost 2,600 fraudulent operations through 23 copying machines installed in ATMs. In the opinion of the investigators, the detainees were one of the last operative cells specialised in skimming that operated in Spain.

The detainees installed electronic devices of mixed character in ATMs, composed of a micro camera and a reading mouth, with which they obtained the PIN numbers and a copy of the magnetic stripe of the card. Later they downloaded the information in blank media or “white cards” with which they made cash withdrawals in other bank tellers in various Spanish locations and in other countries such as the US, Peru and Honduras.

The work of the National Police and bank security systems frustrated more than 80% of extractions.

In Toledo and in Alcorcón (Madrid), 92 cards with magnetic stripe -77 of them falsified- were used, as well as a large amount of tools to carry out this criminal modality; electronic circuits with microchambers, 32 magnetic strip readers, diverse computer equipment, a reader recorder, and numerous tools and tools for the manufacture of skimming devices