|Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Artists share their vision of Santa Cruz Carnival 


More than 30 artists are sharing their vision of the traditional Santa Cruz Carnival.

Their colourful cre- ations are currently on show in the La Recova arts centre up until February 28th.

There are over 50 works of art, all inspired by the sights and sounds of the carnival and using different techniques such as watercolours, oils and acrylics.

“The artists express their particular vision of our Carnival, reflecting characters, situa-tions, masks and details that sometimes go unnoticed, ” said culture councillor José Carlos Acha at the official opening.

This is the fourth year the exhibition has been held due to its great success. It is curated by Joaquin Castro San Luis. The works, in small and medium format, are mostly figurative and mainly reflect the joy, humour and colourful costumes of the Santa Cruz Carnival, although some artists have also opted for less conceptual views.

The artists are Conrado Díaz Ruiz, Eduardo Yanes, Ciro Romero, Ariá, Miguel González, Cristóbal Garrido (Toba), Ivonne More, Teresa Rodríguez Solís, Celestino Mesa, Ana García-Ramos, Amelia Pisaca, Catalina Moldobanu-Giep, Domingo Vega, Ana María González Garrido, Jaime Graham, Alfonso Araquistaín, Pedro Rocha, Felipe Torres, Carlos Pallés, Florentina Pérez, Hugo Pitti, Dámaso Carillo, Antonio L. Portero, Candelaria Rodríguez, Francisco Arriaga Dehesa, Carlos Forte, Merche Aparicio, Meritchell, Lita (O, Delot), Dámaso Ávila, Nazaret Hernández, Julio César Ossorio and Davide Battaglia.