|Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Anti-bullfighting campaigners hail “support” from United Nations 

Animal campaigners have stepped up their fight to get bullfighting banned in Spain and say the United Nations has delivered a supporting move.

The group PACMA says the UN has asked Spain to prohibit the involvement of children in bullfighting and in bull-running events.

The protestors say many autonomous communities in Spain allow young people to get involved in bullfighting which they believe is entirely wrong. They are against bullfighting schools for teenagers and their attendance at any bullfighting events.

PACMA says that in 2014, the United Nations said that bullfighting contravened the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

“Now, the UN committee goes a step further and urges that in order to prevent the harmful effects of bullfighting on children, it is recommended that the State prohibit the participation of children under 18 as bullfighters and spectators in runs of bulls,” said a spokesperson.

The group quotes UN committee member, Gehad Madi as saying: “Using child-ren as bullfighters is a violent exercise. It is also true if children are spectators.”

PACMA says it believes the UN is supporting the report presented by the Franz Weber Foundation (FFW) in its Childhood Without Violence campaign.

“From PACMA we con-gratulate the Foundation for being key in this important international positioning,” said the spokesman.

Laura Duarte for the group added: “It is a very positive news, which confirms what animalists have been de-fending for years, and that bullfighting is a violent activity, which we must protect ourselves from.”

“Children must be educa-ted in empathy and respect for animals and bullfighting embodies just the opposite values.”

“The next step, un-doubtedly, is to end this activity in a definitive way, legally prohibiting bullfight-ing.”