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Two drown in Tenerife as dramatic rescue attempt ends in tragedy 

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A brave rescue attempt in Tenerife resulted in the death of two men in the choppy ocean whilst two other holidaymakers were plucked to safety at the last minute.

The two victims who died were both from Lithuania. The two others saved after they flung themselves into the water are a 36-year-old man and a woman, aged 37. They are also believed to have come from Lithuania.

The tragedy happened in San Juan de la Rambla in the north of the island.

The 112 emergency control centre received a call just before 1.40pm reporting that three people had jumped into the stormy sea after the body of a man was seen floating in the water.

“Rescuers from the GES helicopter found that four people were at sea, two of them floating,” said a spokes-man. “These two were res-cued and hoisted to the aircraft to transfer them to ground. There the SUC staff, after checking that both were in cardiorespiratory arrest, performed advanced cardio-pulmonary resuscitation without obtaining results and confirmed their death.”

“The other two people, who remained in the water assisted by a rescuer of the GES, were hoisted to the helicopter and transferred to the heliport of La Guancha where the SUC staff were responsible for their assistance and transfer to hospital.”

At one stage, a firemen also jumped into the water to help the stricken four. He was also rescued.

The location, known as Charco de La Laja, is a difficult place to access and that, together with the rough sea conditions, hampered the rescue mission.

The surviving man suffered cuts and bruises whilst the woman had similar injuries and hypothermia.

Psychologists were called in by the Red Cross.