|Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Traffic relief on the horizon 

Traffic relief for some parts of Tenerife has moved a step nearer following the award of the contract for the long-awaited Armeñime roundabout in Adeje.

The island’s government has awarded the works to Promotora Punta Larga SA. It will involve an investment of 953,877 euros which will consist of the construction of a roundabout “whose purpose will be to reduce the bottleneck of vehicles produced in the area and improve mobility.”

The road has almost 21,000 vehicles per day as it is a key link to the south and to the areas of Los Gigantes.

The project will take be-tween eight months to a year.

Discussions have also start-ed about the remodelling of the Los Cristianos rounda-bout, another traffic bottleneck, and are ongoing over a third lane for the TF-1.