|Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Take notice of the snow warnings, say authorities after rescue 

PAGE 6 Take notice of the snow  warnings

Snow looks wonderful when it falls in the Canaries but it has once again led to warnings from the authorities.

They urge people to take extra special care when going out and about to enjoy the delights of a snow-covered Mount Teide or mountain regions.

“The temperature in such places can drop very quickly indeed and they must be prepared for this,” said a spokesman.

The potential dangers were highlighed last week when more than 40 people, in-cluding children and two pregnant woman, had to be evacuated from one of the highest points of Gran Canaria.

The families had walked up the mountains to see the unseasonal weather condi-tions for themselves but then got stuck as darkness fell because of the severe cold and exhaustion. One of the families had a baby in a pram.

Hundreds of people had made their way to the summit of the island, more known for its wall-to-wall sunshine, following two days of snowfall.

The authorities had to close off roads and warn local residents and tourists to keep away because of the extreme conditions.

Police said many ignored the alert and got out of their cars to continue on foot, even jumping over barriers and fences.

Even at 1pm in the afternoon, a temperature of 3.5 degrees was recorded, with heavy snowfall. The conditions then continued to deteriorate and it became even colder, with some of the sightseers still trying to walk down the mountain at 9pm.

The emergency services took the stranded 40 to a rural hotel below the summit to recover.

Snow also hit other high points of the Canary Islands, including on Mount Teide in Tenerife where access road also had to be closed for some time.